Wooden Aquarelle – dyed panels

Wooden aquarelle, a colouring technique for wooden surfaces, allows the mass production of individually unique pieces. Provoked by the movement of pigments and water the compositions are formed by an autonomous colour-dynamic. The addition of liquid pigments on a wooden surface provokes an autonomous colour response. Random colour-gradients, soft transitions, polychrome streaks and nuances cover the wooden material like a translucent ink. Only the colour palette used for the initial impulse is controllable. The colouring process runs chaotically and leaves random, dynamic patterns.

The final products are dyed wooden panels which can be further processed into wall cladding or furniture applications. The cladding is mainly sold to architects for entire or partial wall decoration. A current example is by Studio Muretto for an Edie Parker store in Madison Avenue, New York. The colors and gradients are customized individually to the clients needs.

Please ask us for our current broschure showing color examples and cutting variations.

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Multiplex birch, pigments,
flame retardant lacquer


Inhouse production by Studio Meike Harde